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"I'm sorry, Mrs. Hart, we don't have any birth records for you." These were the words I heard over the phone when I was trying to locate a copy of my birth certificate for a new passport. "Have you checked with the Adoption Registry Office?" was the following question. Adoption? I was forty-one years old. I knew who my parents were. Why would someone suggest that I talk with an Adoption Registry Office? I just simply needed a copy of my birth certificate.


That phone call led me on a new journey of discovery and secrets. Who was I? Who was my birth mother? Did I have other siblings? What was my story? Baby Girl Murphy is my personal exploration of discovering my new identity and unveiling a secret that God had kept for 41 years. A secret so dear, yet so mysterious. "...Find out more..." were the words I kept hearing echo through my heart. Indeed I did find out more. More than I ever dreamed imaginable.

Queen Esther was just an ordinary Hebrew girl that God reinvented into a Queen in order to save His people. King David was reinvented from a shepherd boy to a King. Moses was 80 when he was called to lead the nation of Israel. What does God have yet in store for your life? Explore the possibilities that God has for you in every changing season of your journey.


Newlywed to young mom to empty nester to retirement age--God can transform your life at every stage to use your gifts in ways greater than you could ever imagine. There are no limits to how God can reinvent your life to maximize all of your potential.


*ReInventing You comes with study questions for small groups or Bible studies.

CHAT is for every small group that enjoys digging into intriguing Biblical topics. Set aside time to grab some snacks and coffee, and journey into a Bible study that seeks to draw out conversations whether in a living room or neighborhood café. 

This is not your average small group study. CHAT contains twelve individual topics that aren't successive, yet can be used on a weekly basis. Pick and choose. Jump around. It's up to you. 

Designed for busy people with an appetite for truth, and connection with each other and God.


*CHAT goes hand-in-hand with CHAT Teens. Same chapters, but the teen version has age appropriate group questions.

CHAT is for every youth group that enjoys digging into intriguing Biblical topics. Journey into a Bible study that seeks to draw out conversations. No right or wrong answers. No fill-in-the-blank homework! This is not your average youth group study. CHAT contains twelve individual topics that aren't successive, yet can be used on a weekly basis.


Pick and choose. Jump around. It's up to you. Designed for busy students with an appetite for truth, and connection with each other and God. So what are the topics in CHAT? End-time prepping, ghosts and spirits, gray areas in the Bible, dreams and visions, misinterpretation of scripture, zombies, fire-breathing dragons, walking out our calling, and more!

CHAT Christmas is a special edition of the CHAT ‘A Conversational Bible Study’ series. Usually the CHAT books contain twelve separate chapters. This Christmas edition only contains four, and is meant as a special study to fit in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Designed to concentrate on this time of celebrating Thanksgiving and the birth of our Lord.


CHAT was designed not to be a right or wrong answer conversational Bible study. No questions to fill in. And if you miss a week, you can't get behind. Every week has a non-chronological different topic of discussion. Grab a cup of coffee, a snack, and dig into challenging topics with your small group.

How can avocados, King Solomon, mascara, cat litter, banana peels, little known verses in Proverbs, H2O, Dead Sea Mud, and vegetables all be related? Why, they're all Beauty Secrets! Sound impossible? Want to know more details? I can't tell you here! They're secrets! But they're all revealed inside this book. Is this book all about make-up? No way.


Is this book all about physical health? Not really. This book is a wonderful combination of all the elements that make a woman beautiful from her heart and health to her style she reveals to the world. Cat litter? How does cat litter fit into a Beauty Book? You'd be surprised! But I can't tell you! It's a SECRET!

How can every experience and season in your life fit together? It just does. Because God has ordained your steps, and his hand is on your life. Even when you can't see it or feel it. Journey with me through ten steps to discover the truth that every stage of your life has meaning and purpose in the completed picture of your story.


Not one day is wasted. Not one experience trivial. Great as a group study, or just find a cozy spot by yourself and read away.

From the beginning of time, people have been searching for the reason they are here. It’s not a new question. It’s not a newer way of thinking. Every single human being born has wondered “what am I here to accomplish?” I think about it almost daily. Why was I born when I was born? Who would I be if I had been born in the Middle Ages? Would I still have been me? What is my purpose? What was I born to accomplish? Does it actually matter that I exist?

Make It Matter That You're Here, Impact The World By Accomplishing Your Mission is my newest teen book. Teens need to know that there is purpose to their life, and that they matter in this world. Through an emphasis on discovering their God-given abilities and talents, teens are encouraged to reach out to the people in their lives to make a positive impact for Christ. 

One life can change the world forever.

Included are group study questions for every chapter!

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Since 1948, God has been drawing his people from the north, south, east, and west to re-establish their covenant inheritance. The Lord has also been drawing the hearts of Christian believers around the globe to support the people of Israel, and to do all we can in fulfilling the prophetic scriptures.


Heart for Israel is our journey of falling in love with all things Israeli. It’s a devotional book that is also fun, interesting, and insightful. My goal is to make you, the reader, understand how vitally important it is for Christian believers to walk side-by-side in complete support of the Jewish people and the land of Israel. We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), and in Isaiah 49, the Believer’s role is mentioned, “See, I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.” Even though Gentiles (those not born Jewish) don’t have a birth right to the land, we have a vital prophetic role to live out. Our hearts are being drawn to the Jewish people, our Jewish Messiah, and the Holy Land.


May you fall deeper in love with your Savior, and understand on a deeper level how vitally important it is for us to stand with Israel. Shalom!