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The 2021 CHANGE IT UP TOUR is an event you want to be a part of. After walking through a world-wide pandemic, women's ministries are ready to meet again, and host life-changing events. As a world, we have walked through so many unexpected changes--but change can be good! 

Join churches across the nation as we embrace this new season. But change is hard, right? It's all perspective. Through a Change It Up event, your women will focus on navigating these five areas of their life:






Event Take-Aways:

-successfully identify a God-ordained change of season

-walk into the unknown with assurance

-navigate the steps of a new season in life

-let go of regrets

-reclaim your true identity and authority

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Change It Up can be a one-night event for the women of your church, or an expanded full weekend conference.    

What if everything you planned for your life instantly turned upside-down? Your hopes, plans and dreams reconfigured before your very eyes. Ordinary routine now suddenly alien to your very core. Normal now antiquated. The chapters in your life, once so beautifully illustrated, now a jumbled disarray of unknowns.

     Perhaps the changes in your life have taken you to places beyond your wildest dreams. You’ve instantly skyrocketed to your ultimate career goal. What was once only a vision in your mind becoming your new ordinary. Goals suddenly attained. Once-closed doors now miraculously opened to fresh horizons and successes.

     Changes in our lives can take us in two very distinct directions. Rarely do changes keep us parallel with our present circumstances. There is a lot of new. New people. New places. New life trajectories. Forces, sometimes beyond our control assign our often-unforeseen destinies. Can change be positive? Most definitely. It can also extend us to the very brink of our understanding and strength.