Imagine walking into your future with a zero-regrets mindset. What would it be like to break free from 'I should've' thoughts? God created us to walk unburdened and whole, yet so many of us journey through life looking back at what we could have and would have done. Regret-Free Living is my newest Women's Ministry event, and the passion of my heart.

A Regret-Free Living Women's Event can be a single stand-alone session, or a full conference with up to four sessions. A four-session conference/retreat is broken down into these session topics:

so what does a regret-free life look like?

Jesus came that we might have life. But He didn't want us to merely survive this life here on Earth. He specifically stated that He wanted us to have life 'more abundantly'. So what exactly does an abundant life look like? How is it different from the life you are living now? We'll focus on five areas of a regret-free lifestyle: 

Your Spiritual Life

Your Career

Your Finances

Your Family Relationships

Your Health

hindsight from heroes

Even our 'heroes of the faith' dealt with regret. How did Moses, King David, Peter, and even Judas deal with their pain and guilt? The 'gift of hindsight' is a powerful tool for giving us knowledge and insight as we journey into the possibility of daily walking regret-free in our life decisions. Through studying these Biblical examples, we can see that God desires for our burdens to be light, and the weight of life to not keep us down.

would've could've should'ves

How many of us have ever stated that we 'would've could've or should've' done something differently in our lives? Regrets from our past decisions literally 'eat us up' from the inside out. Our bodies weren't designed to carry feelings of guilt. Jesus came to set us free from our past, and to open the door to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. By identifying our life regrets, we can begin the process of breaking free from their chains, and oppression. 

let it go!

'Letting things go'. Not the easiest of actions. Look for the lessons, take action, and forgiving yourself are three steps to the 'letting go' process. Proverbs chapter 4 tells us, "Keep your eyes straight ahead;
    ignore all sideshow distractions.
Watch your step,
    and the road will stretch out smooth before you."

As we let go of the 'would've could've should've' decisions in our life, and look to our future, God will guide us into a life greater than we could ever imagine!