Queen Esther was just an ordinary Hebrew girl that God reinvented into a Queen in order to save His people. King David was reinvented from a shepherd boy to a King. Moses was 80 when he was called to lead the nation of Israel. What does God have yet in store for your life? Explore the possibilities that God has for you in every changing season of your journey.


Newlywed to young mom to empty nester to retirement age--God can transform your life at every stage to use your gifts in ways greater than you could ever imagine. There are no limits to how God can reinvent your life to maximize all of your potential

ReInventing You Event is available as a keynote presentation, a one-day women's event, and up to a full four session conference/retreat. The event is based on my book, ReInventing You, Regenerate Your Life available on Amazon. Click on the title to take you to Amazon.com.

*Kirsten and her husband David, have a senior adult version of this event/retreat. To find out more, click here: ReInventing You.

"Kirsten presents a great idea about moving into a new area of ministry or profession that maybe was put on hold. She uses her sons as examples that I thought made it quite clear. It was based on their loves and abilities and not what a parent would necessarily aspire for them. A good read. It makes you think about things you probably put aside as not feasible, but really, they could be."

                                    --Five star Amazon book review

"I enjoyed this book. It's an easy read and laced with humor. Kirsten really expresses what many of us think and feel and helps relate it back to scripture and what the Bible says we should do with ourselves."           

          --Five star Amazon book review